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Tank Decommissioning, Cleaning and Waste Product Disposal

Should you have an old oil tank or a tank that is no longer required, our team are here to help you dispose of it in a professional manner. All of our team are trained and certified to carry out decommissioning and disposals of oil tanks. It may be that you have had a new tank installed in a new position and that the old tank remains in the original location but is now either proving a potential problem to the environment or even if it’s just an eyesore. Maybe, you have switched to gas or solar and the requirement for an oil tank no longer exists.

As standard, when we carry out an oil tank installation, we dispose of the old tank. However, as our teams are fully certified and licensed to carry out the decommissioning and disposal of old tanks, we offer this as a stand-alone service as well. We will conduct a survey of the current situation and from there offer a quotation and description of the service we can provide.

Occasionally, people contact us asking whether we can just clean out their tank. It might be that there is water pulling through the feed line and affecting the boiler, in this instance, our team are equipped to carry out a tank clean, removing the water/ contaminated oil and then leaving you with the clean oil resolving the issue. It could be that you have another use for the old tank and just want us to clean up the old tank, remove the waste oil and leave you with the old tank. Either of these situations or any other cleaning and/ or waste disposal service can be quoted for and a service provided.


Whilst the majority of the tanks we install are plastic bunded tanks, when it comes to removing an old tank, we can remove them whether they are plastic or steel, single skin or bunded. There isn’t a limit to size either as once we have removed the contaminated oil within the tank, we can cut the old tank up if required to remove it from the site.

Absolutely. As a start point for any decommissioning of an old tank, our team will test the level of oil and/ or waste substances within the tank and transfer them into a bursar tank they will come equipped with. In the majority of cases this waste will need to be disposed of and our team will do this at a fully licensed site under our waste disposal license. It may also be the cast that there is clean oil within the tank which you would like to be pumped into a new tank. We can again do this through a process of pumping the clean oil into a bursar tank and then into the new tank.

Once you have completed contacted us through our “request a quote” form or phoned us on 0333 222 4037. From there we will supply you with a quotation for the works to include a costs for the labour to carry out the job and any costs to dispose of waste materials.

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This really is dependent on the situation you have and the location of the old tank. However, it is extremely rare for a decommissioning and disposal of a tank to take longer than a few hours from start to finish and certainly shouldn’t span for more than one day.

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