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Tank Decommissioning, Cleaning and Waste Product Disposal

If your tank is on a commercial site, you have a corporate responsibility to ensure the decommissioning and disposal of the tank and any substances within are removed by a professional. Our team are fully trained, certified and we have the appropriate licenses in place to carry out a professional job and provide you with the appropriate paperwork to prove that you have been responsible in the way your old tank has been disposed of.

Our experienced team have carried out hundreds maybe thousands of jobs over the years in commercial premises. Ranging from small industrial units, through to complex University sites with multiple large tanks. If specialist lifting, cutting or other equipment is required we will advise of this within the quotation and ensure the job is carried out as efficiently as possible.


Whilst the majority of the tanks we install are plastic bunded tanks, when it comes to removing an old tank, we can remove them whether they are plastic or steel, single skin or bunded. There isn’t a limit to size either as once we have removed the contaminated oil within the tank, we can cut the old tank up if required to remove it from the site.

Absolutely. As a start point for any decommissioning of an old tank, our team will test the level of oil and/ or waste substances within the tank and transfer them into a bursar tank they will come equipped with. In the majority of cases this waste will need to be disposed of and our team will do this at a fully licensed site under our waste disposal license. It may also be the cast that there is clean oil within the tank which you would like to be pumped into a new tank. We can again do this through a process of pumping the clean oil into a bursar tank and then into the new tank.

Once you have completed contacted us through our “request a quote” form or phoned us on 0333 222 4037. From there we will supply you with a quotation for the works to include a costs for the labour to carry out the job and any costs to dispose of waste materials.

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This really is dependent on the situation you have and the location of the old tank.It could be that the service is carried out within a few hours or if the site is complicated, it could take days or even run into weeks. However, this will be advised once a site visit has been completed.

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