The importance of your oil tank to be in working order coming into colder months is essential. In this article we take a look at double skinned oil tanks (bunded tanks) and how they keep your property heated, perfect for a cosy winter evening.

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Double the skin, double the protection

The inner skin on a double skinned oil tank is protected from the elements by the outer skin. This prevents any damage such as knocks or punctures from branches, debris from the winter weather, and anything else that may hit the tank. The oil in your tank is protected, and you can fix the outer layer in most cases with it in situ.

Insurers reward responsible homeowners

Now, this isn’t to say having a single skin tank is irresponsible. However, we have seen a growing trend in insurance companies offering more competitive rates for household insurance cover, where a homeowner has taken extra steps to limit the need for a claim. With the bunded tanks less likely to require attention over time and better protected from the elements, the insurers recognise owners rewarding them with a more favourable rate.

Fuss-free overfill

In the event of an overfill of the inside tank, the outer layer on a bunded tank will contain the oil with no spillages on the ground. Oil spillages are challenging to clean up and costly. They can hit you legally in the worst-case scenario, so any measures to avoid this should be taken.

Safe and secure

Whether you are protecting young children from the tank or the tank from persons unknown, Oil Tanks Plus bunded tanks come with an outer lockable main lid and two keys for our customers. The inner cover is also lockable, keeping children safe and the unwanted out.

Value for money

On the face of it, double skinned or bunded tanks cost more in the initial outlay. The value for money delivered with that price, however, is where our customers benefit most. The bunded, double skinned tanks come with a market-leading twelve-year warranty vs. the five-year for its single skinned counterparts. While the bunded tank’s installation price comes out at approximately 30% more, the ‘pro-rata’ cost over time is minimal when you see the vast benefits you gain from investing.

The team at Oil Tanks Plus is here to help. Whether a new customer or existing looking to change or upgrade, please contact us to find out more.