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Domestic Oil Tank Installation

Oil Tanks Plus is a family owned business with over 25 years experience in oil tank replacement. With our knowledge and experience we have unique access to a wide oil tank range, so that every situation we come across can be assessed and options for replacement given.

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We specialise in domestic oil tank installations. With more than 95% of our work coming from the domestic sector, we consider ourselves the experts at carrying out Oil Tank Installations all over the UK. With a dedicated support team, we can assist you from the point of discovering that your current oil tank requires attention through to the options of material, how and where to install the tank and the installation itself.

You may be in the position where you know exactly what tank you are looking for or at least know the size and shape you want. You can see our Tank Range to help point you in the right direction. From here, just complete our Instant Quote form with you details and if possible some photos of your existing tank and situation and one of our team will be back to you in a flash with your options and quote.

Should you find yourself in the situation where you are unsure about anything regarding an oil tank replacement then we can assist you. With experts on hand we can take a look at your existing oil tank and advise whether or not it does need replacing, then we can discuss the various options with you and ensure that you are left with the most effective and cost-efficient job with the least hassle as possible.

Please click on the below links for more information about oil tank installation:

We offer free site surveys where we will look at the current oil tank and talk you through the options you have for a replacement oil tank. Whilst on site our installation consultant will be able to assess the current tank and can offer advice based on the condition of the old oil tank. In most cases, we are able to quote you whilst on site where you can either begin to discuss installation dates or be left to consider Oil Tanks Plus quotation.


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