Oil Tank Disposal

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On average, oil tanks need to be replaced every 15-25 years, but if they’re damaged or you’re swapping to a different size you might need to replace it sooner. Either way, you need to consider how to remove your old tank.

The safest and most effective option is by contacting a professional engineer, such as Oil Tanks Plus, who are experienced experts when it comes to oil tank disposal.

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Our Domestic Oil Tank Disposal Service

We understand how busy life can get and you don’t want the additional stress of figuring out how to remove an old or damaged oil tank from your property.

Here at Oil Tanks Plus, our expert engineers are fully qualified to remove domestic oil tanks safely. We’ll sort every step of the decommissioning and removal of your old oil tank and even install a new tank at the same time if that’s what you require.

On Hand Oil Tank Experts

Ready to remove?

If you’re in need of a domestic oil tank disposal on property, all you need to do is request a quick quote, fill in your details and (if possible) provide some photos of your existing tank in its location. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and the next steps.

Need Help?

If you are unsure about anything regarding an oil tank disposal, we would be more than happy to assist you. Our friendly team of experts are on hand to assess your current tank and advise whether or not it needs removing, along with discussing various options with you. Contact our customer care team.

How We Can Help

Why Choose Oil Tanks Plus For Your Oil Tank Disposal?

There are many benefits of getting your domestic oil tank disposal done with our expert engineers:

  • Peace of mind that your oil tank is being removed and recycled correctly
  • Engineers are based across the country, even in the most remote locations
  • We’re fully qualified and licensed
  • Safe removal and disposal of any remaining oil
  • Protecting the environment from potential leaks during removal
  • We’ll remove the oil tank from your property
  • Follow correct recycling processes
  • Friendly expert advice throughout
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Oil Tank Removal and Recycling

Read our detailed blog about the oil tank removal and recycling process. Including a step-by-step guide and how Oil Tanks Plus can help.

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Oil Tank Replacement: A Complete Guide

Whether you’re replacing your oil tank because it’s old, damaged or you need a different size, there’s a lot to consider. Our blog talks you through each option and what to do.

Commercial Oil Removal and Decommissioning

Oil tank decommissioning and specialist disposal services. Whether your commercial oil tank is at a factory or large commercial premises, our team of experts are on hand to carry out to appropriate paperwork and safety dispose of your large oil tank, following environmental safety and OFTEC oil tank regulations.

Old Commercial Oil Tank

Other Tank Services

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Why Choose Oil Tanks Plus for your tank maintenance?

Oil Tanks Plus has over 25 years of experience in everything oil tanks, from installation & maintenance, to decommissioning, recycling & oil tank disposal. This means that we are confident in providing care and maintenance for your oil tank no matter its age or location. Speak to our team of friendly experts today to help you choose your next steps.

Oil Tank Disposal FAQs

Removing a domestic oil tank usually takes around a couple of hours. This does depend on a few factors, such as the location and condition of your oil tank.

The price of removing and disposing of an oil tank can vary depending on a few factors such as the type of oil tank, the condition of your current tank, how much oil is still within the tank and ease of access to the tank.

Removing your oil tank yourself is not recommended due to many safety issues and regulations that must be met. Always use a qualified engineer who can safely and effectively remove and dispose of your oil tank via the correct methods.

Here at Oil Tanks Plus we can remove and dispose of oil tanks located on domestic and commercial sites. For more information about our commercial tank decommissioning and specialist removal.