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Tank Decommissioning, Cleaning and Waste Product Disposal Service

If your oil tank has reached the end of its life and you need it removing, Oil Tanks Plus can ensure that it is professionally and environmentally decommissioned then disposed of. Whether your tank is located at a commercial site or a domestic setting, our team of experienced engineers will come to site, conduct a full assessment and provide a survey and quotation for the most appropriate service required.

If you are intending on keeping your old tank, then we can also perform a cleaning and waste disposal service. Our expert team can come to your location and carry out a service to leave you with a clean tank free of waste and ready for whatever use you have for the tank.

During a standard decommissioning and disposal of a fuel tank, our team will:
  • Measure the level of waste, contaminated oil remaining or sludge and then transfer it into safe containers to be disposed of at a licensed site.
  • The tank will then be removed from site, either as a complete unit or cut up to avoid obstructions.
  • We will then either dispose of the tank at a licensed site or if possible, the tank will be turned into a recycled material for a more environmentally friendly use.
  • Any intrusive or dangerous pipework will be either capped or removed as appropriate.
  • The team will then tidy the site and ask you to sign a satisfaction form before leaving you with a completed job.

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domestic oil tank disposal

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Commercial oil tank disposal


Oil spillages and contamination through polluting the land with oil is taken very seriously by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Environment Agency. In fact, if you are held responsible for polluting, you can face an unlimited fine, could go to prison for up to 5 years, or both. (reference https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pollution-prevention-for-businesses).

Once you have completed contacted us through our “request a quote” form or phoned us on 0333 222 4037. From there we will supply you with a quotation for the works to include a costs for the labour to carry out the job and any costs to dispose of waste materials.

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Almost certainly yes. In fact, we are yet to come across a situation where we couldn’t carry out the job in over 25 years of doing this. On the survey of the site, our team will assess the immediate surroundings of the tank and the route to remove the tank once it’s disconnected. Should specialist equipment be required, including lifting equipment, heavy duty cutting equipment etc. our team will arrange this in advance to ensure an efficient service on the day.

Generally, the answer to this is, No. However, should access to the tank be tricky due to materials or vegetation, it can sometimes make the job more cost effective for you if you are able to able to clear this prior to the job. If not, our teams are equipped and capable to carry this out as part of the job.