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View our range of steel oil tanks. We have a range of sized tanks made in the traditional material of choice for oil tanks.

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About steel oil tanks:

Traditionally all oil tanks were made from steel, with the industry now supplying many plastic options, steel is still a first choice for many due to its robust qualities.

Some of the qualities of steel oil tanks:

  • If your environment allows the installation of a single skin oil tank then it can prove to be the most cost-efficient option
  • Steel Tanks can be made to custom sizes fairly easily with the manufacturing process based on welding sheets of steel together as opposed to moulds having to be made

On Hand Oil Tank Experts

Ready to install?

If you know the size and shape of tank you want from our bunded tank range, then you can simply request a quick quote, filling in your details and (if possible) some photos of your existing tank in its location. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with your options and a quote.

Need Help?

If you are unsure about which bunded oil tank from our range is right for you? We are more than happy to assist you. Our friendly team of experts are on hand to assess your current tank and advise whether it needs replacing, and which tank would be best for your home. Contact our customer care team.

Benefits of Oil Tanks Plus

Total one-stop shop for all your oil tank needs

Total one-stop shop for all your oil tank needs

Our friendly team of experts are here to give you the guidance you need to choose the right oil tank solution. We offer a free site survey before any installation and we can replace any old oil tank along with recycling it. Once installed, we offer maintenance and servicing across the UK.