Commercial Oil Tank Servicing & Inspections

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Industry regulated inspections and commercial oil tank servicing from Oil Tanks Plus. Whether you already own oil tanks at your commercial facility or have moved to premises with existing commercial oil tanks in place, you will need to maintain a regular schedule of oil tank servicing and inspections.

Inspections check to ensure the oil tanks and subsequent equipment are in full, working order, marking them against OFTEC regulations. From here, they can sign off your machinery or make recommendations to fix the issues presented.

What does the inspection check for and certify?

Your commercial oil tank servicing plan includes:

  • Visual inspection of tank and pipework
  • Compressed air cleanse of the oil feed pipe
  • Leak pressure testing of pipework
  • Cleaning or replacing oil filters
  • Dip testing for water presence

Every commercial tank setup is different, so we’ll need more information to quote you on this service. You will receive certified paperwork following a successful inspection from your OFTEC registered engineer to sign off your commercial oil tank arrangement as fit for purpose, leaving you to carry on with business as usual.

Why do oil tanks need inspections and servicing?

While much of the damage is evident with visible checks, there can be underlying issues present in your set-up that need urgent attention, such as bacterial build-up or water. An inspection of your commercial oil tank set-up will identify and highlight any issues and risks present and give advisory information on how best to remedy the situation.

Much like an MOT for a car, a service will first check for damage and utilise any inspection reports carried out previously to know what work to carry out to bring the equipment back up to standard.

Your insurance could also be affected if you do not service and certify your equipment should anything go wrong.

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How Regularly Should Commercial Oil Tanks Be Serviced?

Depending on your usage, we would suggest anything from every three months to annually. If you are at a system critical facility, such as a hospital where fuel tank breakdowns simply cannot occur, the more regular your service and inspections schedule, the better.

Each case is different, and so we would warmly welcome a call with you to discuss your premises and define your specific needs. Regular commercial oil tank servicing and inspections give you the peace of mind that your equipment is performing at its best and that it’s not at risk of a breakdown.

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