Commercial Fuel Polishing

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Clean, polished fuel to keep your machinery performing at its best, Investing in a high-quality tank will pay for itself over time with high performance, durability, and customer peace of mind. However, caring for your equipment with regular cleaning and tank maintenance services are the best defence in keeping your oil tank in tip-top condition.

As part of our oil tank services we offer commercial fuel polishing to ensure your fuel is not contaminated.

What is commercial fuel polishing?

As the name suggests, it is the process of cleaning the oil or fuel in the tank, removing the bacteria and microbes that build up in stored oil and diesel over time.

How does commercial fuel polishing work?

Fuel polishing is an advanced filtration process. Taken through a number of different grades of filtration at a time, each stage of the process will remove increasingly finer contaminants until the fuel is clean.

Do you need commercial fuel polishing?

Contaminated fuel will undoubtedly cause your equipment to perform poorly or, worst-case scenario – break down altogether. The build-up of bacteria and microbes, even mould and fungi, is a given in domestic and commercial set-ups. Bacteria, in particular, when left to form over time, can result in puddles of water in your oil, which can have hugely detrimental effects on oil performance and quality.

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Faults Due To Contaminated Oil

Machinery faults that may be due to contaminated oil include:

  • Blocked filters and lines
  • Oil tank failure
  • Worn fuel injectors
  • Corrosion and damage to the tank
  • Engine/equipment failure being fed by the tank

Eradicating all possible traces of contamination from your oil through our commercial fuel polishing service will eliminate the need to waste your costly oil, saving on oil replacement and drastically reducing the causes of damage to your tank and the equipment it feeds.

We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning and filtration services at Oil Tanks Plus. Get in touch via the Contact Form or call us to discuss the best course of action for your tank set-up.

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