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Posted on November 9, 2018 in Tank Installation, .

With over 25 years experience in oil tank replacement and oil tank installation of all shapes and sizes, our team are perfectly placed to assist you in finding the right oil tank to replace your existing one and provide a one-stop shop to resolving your current situation.

Whether you are looking to move your current oil tank to a new location, upgrading your cracked oil tank in the existing spot, need to make base adjustments to ensure the new oil tank is fully OFTEC compliant or any other requirement, our team can ensure a professional solution is found to your oil tank replacement problem.

Once your needs have been assessed and the install of your new oil tank is booked in, here is what to expect on the day of the installation:


Oil tank replacement process

  • We will notify you in the 48 hours prior to our teams arrival to let you know what time to expect our OFTEC registered engineers will be with you
  • Our oil tank replacement team will arrive with your new oil tank, all the materials and tools required to complete the job
  • A quick assessment of the existing oil tanks condition will be followed by all the clean useable heating oil in the current tank is pumped into a holding vessel for the duration and all the water and contaminated oil will be removed and disposed of at a licensed site
  • Your existing tank will then be removed from your property and prepared for recycling at one of our specialist plastic or steel recycling centres
  • Any base adjustments, including complete new bases (if required) will be carried out in readiness for the new oil tank to be cited
  • The new oil tank will be moved into position and connected up to the oil supply line and secured
  • We will then pump the clean oil back from the holding vessel into the new oil tank and check the installation. This will include ensuring that your appliance is being fed prior to leaving site.
  • Finally, our team will tidy up the site and ask you to sign a satisfaction form prior to leaving site and instructing our administration team to contact you for payment of the final balance


If at any point you are unsure about either you current situation, what to expect from us or anything else please either take a look at our FAQ section of the website where we try to answer as many questions as possible, alternatively you can call our customer service team on 0333 222 4037.