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Posted on November 16, 2018 in Oil Tanks, .

When it comes to replacing your old oil tank there are various options that you will be presented with. One of the first options to consider it what material the tank is made of. Historically, oil tanks were made from steel which whilst offering a structurally solid oil tank the maintenance of steel tanks meant that the tank would require some upkeep throughout its lifetime.

This is where the introduction of plastic oil tanks revolutionised the industry with a faster production time and ease of installation. Furthermore, the tightening of regulations meaning more and more bunded oil tanks being installed the cost of plastic options meant that plastic oil tanks have now become the most popular option when installing a new oil tank.

plastic oil tank advantages

Below we look at the advantages and disadvantages of Plastic oil tanks as an option for your oil tank replacement.

Advantages of a Plastic Oil Tank:

  • Cost-saving on Steel option especially when looking at a bunded oil tank replacement
  • The flexibility of plastic means that the shapes can be altered to better suit the needs of homeowners
  • Reduction in maintenance, no need to paint the tanks as plastic obviously doesn’t rust
  • Because plastic is an insulator, the transfer of heat to the heating oil is delayed
  • Being lighter than steel, the tanks are lighter and therefore easier to install


Disadvantages of a Plastic Oil Tank:

  • Eventually, the exposure to direct sunlight and other weather elements will weaken the plastic. However, our bunded oil tanks come with an industry-leading 12-year warranty so will give you plenty of years use
  • Being plastic, the tanks are a little less secure and can be drilled faster than steel. Our expert team can offer advice on location and security tips to help lower the risk of oil theft.

In summary, plastic is now the go-to material for oil tanks by both homeowners and the OFTEC registered installers out there. Steel tanks are still made and installed, read about the advantages of steel oil tanks here.