As the price of fuel and heating costs increase, your oil tank can quickly become a vulnerable target to theft. But how can you ensure your tank and oil remain safe?

Our Top Tips To Prevent Your Heating Oil From Being Stolen

Oil tanks could be sitting with hundreds or thousands of pounds of valuable fuel. If you’re a victim of theft, it’s extremely frustrating to replace your oil at an incredible cost to you, especially if there’s any damage to repair too. To help keep your oil tank safe, follow these steps to reduce your chances of oil theft.

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Consider Your Oil Tank Location

We understand you may not have a choice when it comes to the location of your oil tank. However, access to your tank can influence how easy it will be for someone to reach your oil. When installing your tank, consider the following scenarios:

  • Oil tanks close to your house increase the chance of a thief being spotted.
  • Oil tanks near roads, paths or drives provide an easy get-away for thieves.
  • Placing your tank behind garages, sheds or outbuildings is the first place thieves will look and whilst it hides your tank, they’ll hide a thief too.

Invest in Secure Oil Tank Locks

If you cannot move your oil tank to a secure location, or even if you can, tank locks are a wise investment and add another layer of security. We recommend Close Shackle Padlocks; they have a small metal loop (the shackle) that bolt croppers cannot grasp well. Padlocks also prevent your tank lid from slipping off and exposing your oil during windy weather conditions.

Install Security Lighting and Cameras

Adding an outdoor light or motion sensor close to your oil tank will notify you if an intruder is on your property. Furthermore, it’ll unnerve the thief; forcing them to leave and not return if they know your property is secure. CCTV can also deter thieves, and if they don’t spot them, then they’ll be caught on camera – creating valuable evidence if you need to make an insurance claim.

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Install A Remote Oil Level Monitor

Oil Level Monitors are designed to set off an alarm within your home to notify you of a sudden drop in your fuel level, or if it falls below a quarter full. This option provides multiple benefits as it informs you when to top up, if there’s a potential leak or if there’s been an oil theft.

Install An Oil Tank Cage or Fencing

A simple way to stop oil theft is to restrict access to your tank. Adequate coverage such as wooden or metal fencing, trellis and walls, can sometimes be enough to hide your tank and discourage a thief. Alternatively, you can invest in an oil tank cage with a secure door and lock. Whichever option you choose, remember you still require clear access to the tank for maintenance and refills.

Switch to Bunded Oil Tank

Bunded oil tanks are designed with a second, internal layer. Intentionally added to reduce the risks of leaks or damages to your tank, it also provides additional security. Having two walls encase your oil makes it difficult for the tank to be penetrated and the oil to be stolen.

Regularly Check Your Tank

We recommend regularly checking your oil tank to monitor its condition and spot any early signs of leaks or damage. However, this can also be an opportunity to spot any signs of someone attempting to break into your tank. Check the area around your tank too and note if anything has changed, moved or looks suspicious.

We’re Here To Help

If you’d like some guidance in protecting your new or existing oil tank, get in touch with our team who will help answer your queries.