While it might not feel like summer right now, the UK season can reach some pretty high temperatures, reaching as much as 35+ degrees in some areas. So, much like the measures you take in winter to protect oil tanks from the elements, the same applies in the summer months.

What happens if you don’t protect your tank in the summer?

Leaving your oil tank unprotected in humid and hot conditions for weeks on end can seriously damage your tank and system, leading to more problems further down the line.

Condensation inside the fuel storage tank is caused by warm moisture in the air, much like you’ll find on windows and patio doors in areas of humidity in your home. However, this condensation can cause corrosion in your tank, rusting pipe and system work, and lead to leaks. Corrosion and leaks on your tank require urgent attention – repairing or even replacing the tank to prevent dangerous (and illegal) spillages into the environment.

So, any preventative measures you can take now will benefit you in the long run.

1 – Don’t leave your oil tank empty, fill up your tank

While the winter months are when your tank will be in use most, don’t forget about it in the summer months, with a bit of old oil swilling around in the bottom.
When you have your first fill after the summer, “flaky joints” on your welded parts of the tank also take a beating during hot weather. Although not visible, they can spring open when you have an oil delivery. The combination of blasting the oil into your tank on delivery with up to 2.5 tons of weight can pull suspect joints apart – leaving oil pouring into the ground and a potential spill claim.

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Take advantage of the lower off-season rates for fuel and fill up your tank. Not only is it cost-effective, doing this helps reduce the risk of leaks and subsequent damage to property by preventing bacteria build-up that damages the system. Damage also occurs when partially filled tanks get too warm and the water collected inside oxidises, rusting the pipework and giving you a potentially nasty surprise when you do eventually power it back up. Filling up prevents this damage, extends the life of the system and is ultimately essential for a happy tank and peace of mind.

2 – Stock up on heating oil and fuel

While we have touched on this already, the cost benefits of stocking up on heating oil are worth mentioning again.

Not only do you have enough oil and fuel, but also the correct type, immaculately clean and ready to go when you – or our Great British weather – decide the heating needs to come back on! So save money, time and worry by stocking up with good quality fuel in the summer.

3 – Protect your oil tank

Sadly, as with anything of worth, oil tanks and fuel are vulnerable to vandalism and theft.

Not only is it a significant inconvenience and a financial loss, but the damage that can occur can also cause leaks onto your property, with you responsible for the clean-up.

Protecting your tank on your premises with a range of security solutions is always a good idea – use security alarms, specialist tank locks and outside lights to catch anyone in the act or, ideally, put them off altogether. CCTV is becoming ever more affordable now, too and gives peace of mind while protecting your property. Commercial premises must always have a camera pointed at the oil tanks, which are highly susceptible to break-in and theft attempts.

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4 – Tank maintenance and servicing

Servicing your tank in the summer makes complete sense. You are using it less, and if you take other necessary steps to keep it in working order, there will be less to fix.

In addition, servicing will give you professional upkeep recommendations and sign-off of working order, ready to take you into the colder months. Benefit from peace of mind with professional servicing from experts like Oil Tank Plus. Plan your scheduled maintenance well in advance and as regularly as necessary for your system to prevent costly emergency call-outs.

The cost-effective, reliable way to heat your home

Oil tanks are a fantastic way to provide heat and hot water to your home. By following these simple steps, upkeep is easy, and the benefits speak for themselves.

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