Oil companies are looking closely at tanks for cracks and rusting that will have a combined effect of water interference which will become a problem if untreated. At worst, the force of the new oil going in combined with the sheer weight increase for the product to cope with puts the storage in danger of breaking up. Larger deliveries of oil can weigh in excess of 2 tonnes and can make a serious and costly mess if anything goes wrong.

Old rusty steel oil tank
Before – Rusty steel oil tank
New plastic oil tank
After – Bunded plastic oil tank

Oil companies are advising on these concerns and in some cases refusing to fill oil tanks. This may seem like a knee jerk reaction to some householders. Yet, the effect on the environment combined with the time, hassle and cost implications of having gardens dug up, and potentially months of a strong oil smell in your property would have the oil companies telling us they are acting with good due diligence.

When the time comes to replace your oil tank, Oil Tanks Plus are in prime position to deliver the service that only experienced professionals can.

Leakages are generally stressful and need near on immediate attention; Oil Tanks Plus would offer a Pump Out and Make Safe service. This service is doubly beneficial as it works to stop the leaks in the first instance and then allows our highly experienced engineers the time to look at the situation and give quality advice when they provide you with your much-needed oil tank maintenance service.

Oil Tanks Plus engineers will ensure your existing oil is kept safe and stored after testing for contamination, negating the need to leave customers empty and panic buy at a premium in order to have heating and hot water once the new tank is in situ.

The owners of Oil Tanks Plus have a wealth of experience and have worked with a vast array of customer requirements. From this experience, they have gone on to design the moulds of the storage working with a preferred manufacturing plant based in the Midlands to ensure this valuable insight is put into practice. The moulds very often mirror the base sizes of the tanks coming out and so Oil Tanks Plus are able to be highly effective on costs for our customers. Our super slim space-saving tanks can often be replaced with little or no extra remedial work to make the tank fit.

This results in a reduction in labour costs and materials and combined with our market-leading 12-year warranty on Bunded tanks, we have a strong advantage to happily share with our customers.

If you are concerned about a problem tank or an operative has condemned your storage, we can help and with nationwide engineers we are sure to have you covered. Contact us to discuss your needs.