As an oil tank owner, you must ensure your oil tank has been installed and serviced correctly in line with local regulations. One particular guideline is using an accredited oil tank installer.

Why Is It Important To Have The Right Oil Tank Installer

Oil tanks are a huge investment. The last thing you want is to discover a fault or receive a fine because your tank hasn’t been installed correctly. It’s important to do your research and choose an oil tank company that works with qualified engineers and provides multiple benefits such as:

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Feel Safe and Secure

Using an OFTEC or registered engineer under the Competent Person Scheme means you have a professional tank installer who understands the required rules and regulations. They’re also qualified to sign off their own work on the job, meaning they won’t leave until they know your tank is safe and secure.

Save Time and Money

The right oil tank supplier will talk you through the installation process and arrange a delivery date convenient for you. This’ll save time figuring out the logistics as we’ll bring along all the essential equipment and guarantee your tank is installed efficiently. Meeting all necessary regulations so you don’t incur fines or develop faults later on.

Receive Helpful Advice

Qualified oil tank engineers often have a wealth of experience and have come across numerous scenarios. Therefore, if you have a question about the location, security or type of oil tank you’ve chosen, they’re on hand to answer all you’re questions.

Peace of Mind

An oil tank is an important part of your heating infrastructure. You don’t want to discover your heating is damaged after your installer has left. A good oil tank engineer checks everything is working before leaving, providing reassurance that your oil tank will perform efficiently for years to come.

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Penalties For Using An Incorrect Installation Company

Unfortunately, there are a lot of individuals or companies who claim they can install your oil tank (perhaps at a cheaper price) but don’t have the correct qualifications to legally do so. If your tank does not comply with local building regulations, the person installing it could be fined. Furthermore, as the oil tank owner, you’re responsible for the safe and correct installation and could therefore have to pay for any faulty work to be fixed.

What To Look For When Choosing An Oil Tank Installation Company

When choosing the right oil tank company, there are 3 key areas you should consider:

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A Competent Person

Someone registered with the Competent Persons Scheme can self-certify their work. Ensuring all regulations are met and supporting any building control issues.

APHC Registered

The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors provides a higher level of customer service and quality of work. Read our APHC Engineers blog to find out more.

Local Engineers

It’s handy to have engineers nearby in case any issues occur. Oil Tanks Plus has qualified engineers located throughout the country, so you’ll always have a local expert.

Why Choose Oil Tanks Plus as your oil tank installer?

Our family-run business has over 25 years of experience with oil tank-related. We’ve built a strong network of trusted and qualified engineers, as well as a knowledgeable and friendly customer service team. We’ll make sure you have the right oil tank to suit your needs and take you through the entire process from installation to maintenance. Contact us today to get your tank booked.