2400SS 04

2400 CH – 100KG

Oil Tanks Plus 2400 Litre Single Skinned Oil Tank is the perfect tank for a large property who are used to having deliveries of up to 2400 litres of kerosene heating oil at a time.

About This Oil Tank

Product details

The tank is built to take larger volumes of oil and is a good fit for a property that either uses a large volume of oil or the owners like to order larger volumes of oil at a time. With dimensions of 1330mm wide, 2050mm long and 1355mm high its modern design keeps it looking neat and tidy. With a locking cap the oil tank is a secure and environmentally responsible way of storing your heating oil.

Rotationally moulded in the United Kingdom from a high-grade polymer – MDPE, Medium Density Polyethylene the tank benefits further from being tough, durable and UV Stabilised to prevent colour fade. Alongside all of these features, the new oil tank comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

  • The Tank Has a 5 Year Warranty
  • Durable and UV Stabilised

Tank Specifications

Dimensions 2050 (L) x 1330 (W) x 1355 (H) mm
Capacity 2400 Litres | 543 Gallons
Footprint 1640 (L) x 1230 (W) mm
Empty Weight 100 KG

*total capacity can vary slightly during the manufacturing process thus, quoted figures above are a guideline only.

Removal & Recycling Of Your Old Tank

For all oil tank replacements and installations we undertake, we ensure that your waste oil is properly disposed of under a waste oil license. We can also recycle your old tank at our partner recycling sites.

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